Have your Work Look Professional with Luminar Bundle

Photography is a fantastic pass time that can be difficult to master, but thanks to technology you don’t have to worry about being a pro when simple software can do it for you. Have your finished photo look professional with the help of Luminar, now available for $39.99 at the use of our special Bonus Code. Find out about all the things they’ve improved on with their latest release. Keep on reading to find out what Luminar is all about and boost your photo game.

Why Use Luminar

The benefits of using Luminar, an AI – powered editor, are endless, you can learn to master photography and easily edit your photos – it’s a win-win. The user interface for this photo editor is extremely easy to navigate and requires barely any instruction. You don’t need to faff around importing catalogues because they are found automatically. Further, you don’t have to manually edit your photos, which makes the software extremely accessible to amateurs. With Luminar, take your Instagram game to the next level.

Mac and PC

The new Luminar 4 bundle is the first AI – powered editor for Mac and PC and comes with some extremely powerful addons. With less attention needed, users can automatically enhance dull skies with AI Sky Replacement and use the AI Skin & Portrait Enhancer to change the face of their portraits. Further, tools like Foliage Enhancer and Sun Rays work to switch up your photos and turn them into a professional piece. With Luminar 4, you can use it as a standalone editing software or as a plugin for tools like Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, and Apple Photos.

Fundamentals Course

Luminar 4 comes packed with a detailed beginner’s course that contains 23 videos and takes roughly 2.5 hours to complete. Throughout the course, users will cover basic editing modules including Essentials, Creativity, and Professional. You will also learn what the sliders are used for so that you have a better understanding when it comes to real-world editing. Further, budding photographers will learn the use of LUTs, advanced sky replacement, portrait enhancing, Luminar Looks, and other fantastic features.

Make a Saving

Currently, you can make a massive saving on Luminar 4 for a limited time by heading using this bonus code. Everything will be yours for only $39.99 and you will be able to say goodbye to your rookie photos once and for all. Originally, the bundle would set you back $120, which means you’re saving $80 – what more could you want? Established photographers will likely have already used previous additions of Luminar and be debating whether it’s worth the upgrade. With Luminar 4 there is enhanced AI integration, used as an add-on through external software, and ongoing support and updates. Further, for the small price of $39.99 with a bonus code what have, you got to lose. Beginner photographers can learn how to master their craft, and experienced users can benefit from a selection of new features.

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